Digger Flinders

1/4 Aboriginee, all action.


Name: Digger Flinders Player: Eric Parks

Background: Digger was born Jan. 1. 1901,in Queensland. His grandfather was Sir George Bowen, the governor of the Queensland Territory from 1859-1868. His grandmother was an aboriginal, making Digger a “quadroon.” He was accepted as a member of aboriginal society, and felt at home with his people.

Digger was forced to integrate into white society, being taken away from his family to live in government schools, designed to kill the aboriginal, save the child. He escaped repeatedly, and always found his way home, despite the punishment that the missionaries would inevitably inflict upon him when he was recaptured.

At the age of 10, Digger was caught on the property of Sir Edward Spencer, who took the boy in, unlike most white society, which rejected the mixed-blood boy. Spencer appreciated Digger’s obvious talents, and recruited him. Although Digger did not yet know it, he had had his first encounter with a member of The Century Club.


-Man of 1000 Faces


-“I know a guy”

-“I’ve got a thing for animals”


-“For King and Country!”

-“Now THAT’S a knife!”

-“I can open that”

- Impervious to pain

-“I can get your answers.” Skills

Superb (5)


Great (4)

Alertness, Weapons

Good (3)

Deceit, Survival, Athletics

Fair (2)

Empathy, investigation, Rapport, Might

Average (1)

Resolve, Leadership, Burglary, Endurance, Guns Stunts

In Plain Sight

Master of Shadows

Quick Exit


Shadow Strike


The Great War: Digger signed up with the Australian Army, and fought in New Britain, before heading to Egypt in preparation for the Gallipoli expedition. He was the last man evacuated from the peninsula. He then transferred to the ANZAC mountain division, and made a name for himself in operations against the Turks. He often used his dark looks to disguise himself as a Turk, and to operate behind enemy lines.

Novel: Digger Flinders and the Sultan of Jezreel Digger worked with Lawrence of Arabia driving the Turk from Palestine. Follow Digger as he moves among the savages, gaining their confidence, learning their plans. Digger and the Sultan of Jezreel drew in the Turks and destroyed their army.

“Digger Flinders and the Sultan of Jezreel"

Aspects: Linguistics For King and Country

Guest Star: Digger Flinders, in Jake Speed and the Society of the Black Skull.

Following the money trail funding the Arab rebels, Digger finds himself in Weimar, where sinister elements in the new Republic have been bankrolling the rebels. Investigating the mysterious Black Skull, Digger finds and frees Jake Speed, who is being held and tortured by the Skull.

Guest Star: Digger Flinders in Sonny Marconi and the Stella Matutina

Discovering a connection between the Arab rebels and the bizarre Stella Matutina cult, which was seeking to create chaos for their own nefarious ends, Digger penetrates a cell, but needs Sonny Marconi’s help to escape from the cult’s clutches.

Digger Flinders

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