Jake Speed

Street Urchin makes good


Name: Jake Speed Player: Dave

Background: Orphaned on the streets of New York, Jakob Spiegleman, known to the other street urchins as “Jake Speed” because of his fleetness of foot, soon turned to a life of petty crime to support himself. As the years passed, be moved from common pickpocketing to more complex operations, becoming an accomplished grifter. His notoriety brought him to the attention of the local mafia, and “Jake” decided it was time to explore Europe.

While practising his trade on a busy street in London, Jake was stopped by a tall man who made it clear that he was aware of all Jake’s recent activities. Expecting to be arrested, Jake was surprised to be invited back to a cozy flat at 221B Baker Street, where his new acquaintance introduced himself and his companion, Dr. John Watson.

With War looming on the horizon, Holmes was putting his unique skills to use, in laying the groundwork for Britain’s fledgling intelligence service.


-Smooth as silk

-“What happens if I do this?”

-A sucker born every minute

-You’ll never make me talk!

-Sworn enemy of the Black Skull!

-My Trusty Luger

-Terror behind the wheel

-Eternal Longing for Ute von Gerbering

-What is my purpose?

-Slippery as an eel.

-Man of the Future

  • Skills*

Superb (5)


Great (4)

Resolve, Athletics

Good (3)

Academics, Alertness, Guns

Fair (2)

Drive, Endurance, Stealth, Investigation

Average (1)

Fists, Contacting, Might, Rapport, Sleight of Hand

  • Stunts *

Danger Sense

Walk the Walk

Con Man

One Shot Left

Trick Shot


The Great War: One of the promising young lights of Holmes’ team, Jakob was sent to Germany, where he put his German heritage and ability to blend into crowds to use. He worked behind the lines, inciting mutiny, sabotaging equipment and infrastructure, and helping to sap German morale and bring about the Armistice.

Novel: Jake Speed and the Society of the Black Skull!

In the dark and chaotic days of post-war Germany, Jake Speed helps to establish the democratic Weimar Republic. But when he stumbles across a shadowy conspiracy at the heart of the new government, he learns that it has been infiltrated by the mysterious Society of the Black Skull!

Can Jake expose the rotten core of the Republic, or will he become the first of millions of its victims??

Guest Star: Jake Speed in Kurt von Gerbering: Kavallerie-Kommando

Jake travels to Namibia to prevent a German/Boer uprising, and encounters von Gerbering, the driving force behind the revolt. In desperation, Jake reveals the rotten heart of the Weimar republic. Kurt abandons his plans, and begins to question his role in the German government.

Guest Star: Jake Speed in Sonny Marconi and the Stella Matutina. While investigating a fledgling offshoot of the Stella Matutina in Neuschwanstein, Sonny Marconi meets up with Jake Speed, who is infiltrating an obscure Bavarian “workers’ group”. The two intrepid freedom-fighters combine forces to thwart the plans of the nefarious Professor-Doktor Baron von den Lichtenfeld.

Jake Speed

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