Kurt von Gerbering

A Prussian officer, whose wit is as sharp as his sabre.


Name: Kurt von Gerbering Player: Cliff

Background: The von Gerberings are an old aristrocratic family that have significant holdings and status in Imperial German society. Kurt was tutored at home until being sent as a cadet to military school.


My destiny is glory,

Sabers at dawn!

Will of iron,

Get it done

Progress with honour

Ad hoc tactics

Hearts and Minds

Follow the money

All traitors must die!

To thine own self be true.


Superb (5)


Great (4)

Alertness, Athletics

Good (3)

Resolve, Resources, Survival

Fair (2)

Pilot, Academics, Investigation, Guns

Average (1)

Engineering, Endurance, Drive, Leadership, Contacting

  • Stunts *

Flawless Parry






The Great War: By 1914, he was attached to the Kurassiers as a bugler where he participated in the Battle of Haelen. The outcome of this had a profound effect on him; he began to look further a-field from the traditions and values with which he had been raised. Honour was tempered with practicality, and sloth with an enterprising nature. By the end of the war, he served under Erich Ludendorff where he specialized in organizing the logistics to supply storm battalions and the new armoured detachments.

Novel: * Kurt von Gerbering: Cavalry Commando!

News of a 14-year-old bugler surviving a cavalry charge into the teeth of Belgian rifle fire becomes unearthed by a journalist who is working on a story of the downfall of aristocratic families. A pulpy short account is published in a few journals, and Kurt is sought for an interview by Germany’s fledgling radio. After ignoring this, more research is done, and it is found that the young von Gerbering was involved in forming and leading some very ambitious raids and reconnaissance missions deep behind enemy lines on both fronts in a secretive group of small Kavalarie-Sturm-Kommando units. The news is quickly diluted in a storm of other much more preposterous rumours (such as Kurt’s alleged successful construction of a secret tunnel under the English Channel), and Kurt vanishes for 8 months before re-appearing in Vienna.

Guest Star:* Kurt von Gerbering in Digger Flinders and the Sultan of Jezreel.

Acting as an agent of the Weimar Governement, Kurt travels to Palestine, where he meets up with the canny Australian, and they agree to work together to support British interests and curb those of Turkey and France. Discovering a link to a shadowy organization in Germany, both agents return to Kurt’s homeland to “follow the money”.

Guest Star: Kurt von Gerbering in Jake Speed and the Society of the Black Skull.

Returning to his homeland to confront his younger sister Ute about her recent associations, Kurt stumbles upon a nest of the sinister Black Skull. He discovers Jake Speed attempting to infiltrate the lair, and after a brief standoff, the two join forces. Family loyalty, or personal honour: how will Kurt choose?

Kurt von Gerbering

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