Santino "Sonny" Marconi

A Made Man, and a man not to be trifled with


Name: Santino “Sonny” Marconi Player: Rodger Parks

Background: Born in a village in South Central Italy, Santino should not have survived. He was stillborn, but miraculously began breathing. He was considered a miracle baby, and proof of God’s love and mercy. Santino was raised to love god and Christ, and happily gave his early years to the Church.

Sonny’s father was a low-level member of the local “family”, as well as an early enthusiast of the emerging fascisti movement. Sonny is raised with one foot in each world, the Church and the Mafia.


- The Spirit of Christ Compels You

- It’s not personal; it’s just business

- “Something’s not right.”

- Made Man

- My favourite 1911

- The Pope in my pocket

- Bats and Teamwork

- I love the night

- Muay Thai martial art

- I think I can fly that Skills

Superb (5)


Great (4)

Resources, Guns

Good (3)

Pilot, Gambling, Rapport

Fair (2)

Intimidation, Weapons, Contacting, Academics

Average (1)

Might, Endurance, Fists, Alertness, Leadership Stunts

Big Man

Talk the Talk

Martial Arts

Two Gun Joe

Subtle Menace


The Great War: When Sonny’s father is murdered in 1914, Sonny vows revenge. While biding his time, and planning the perfect retribution, Sonny experiences the popularity of a young fascisti speaker named Benito Mussolini. Through the clever use of a briefcase filled with dynamite, Sonny gets vengeance on the don who killed his father.

Sonny’s efficiency, ruthlessness and loyalty come to the attention of his own don, and Sonny becomes a “made man” at the extraordinary age of 17.

Novel: Sonny Marconi and the Stella Matutina

Sonny adventured across Europe battling fanatic cultists of Stella Matutina. Sonny penetrated into the inner sanctum of the cult and recovered the robes of St. John the Baptist for the church.

Guest Star: Sonny Marconi in Digger Flinders and the Sultan of Jezreel.

Rescuing Digger Flinders from the hands of the Stella Matutina, Sonny travels with Digger through the exotic east, and the trail of the cult leads them to Cambodia. In the dark and perilous jungle, Sonny and Digger must fight to take down the rogue cultists, before they themselves are killed.

Guest Star: Sonny Marconi in Kurt Von Gerbering: Cavalry Commando.

Looking to settle some old scores, Sonny hits a safe-house in Vienna, unaware that Kurt has it under surveillance, having followed a money trail there from Palestine. Following the scuffle that ensued when Kurt intervened, it became clear that Sonny had just destroyed Kurt’s best lead. Sonny must put his investigatory skills to work, to make up for his disruption, and provide new leads for Kurt.

Santino "Sonny" Marconi

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